Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to our most commo Questions
  • Do I have to have a passport?

    Yes! You will need a Passport for L.I.V.E !! Some people think this is a hard and arduous process but in reality it’s a very simple and easy process. Please watch this video and then head down to your local post office to get your Passport!! Click here:

  • What does ALL INCLUSIVE Really Mean?

    Its means everyone is VIP ALL WEEKEND LONG!!! You can eat and drink for FREE all the time that you are on the resort! It has multiple bars and restaurants to choose from. Room service is available and it totally FREE!!

  • Can I sign up now even though my roommates aren't ready?

    YES! We strongly advise this as well. For one you are holding your room which no one can take from you. Secondly, you are locking in “your” rate because prices will go up soon on the next block of rooms.

  • How much do I have to put down now when I sign up and if I want to jump into a payment plan

    First, sign up and pay your non-refundable deposit. Then you will have a monthly payment of $125 due by the 15th of month and the reminder balance to be pay by May 15, 2018.

  • What if I don't have a roommate but I'm open to having one?

    We always have people who don’t mind rooming with another person and we can assist in helping you find a roommate.

  • How much are extra nights?

    The options for extra nights are Wednesday (July 11th) for check in and/or Tuesday (June 17th) for check out. The room cost is per person and its base on the room category and the availability.

  • Does this trip incliude all of the parties?

    Yes, it includes all of the parties (except group excursions)

  • Are there credit card processing fees?

    There is a 5% processing fee that will be added to all deposits made with credit card.

  • Are there late fees?

    Yes. There will be a 10% late fee added to your balance if balance not paid by May 15th 2018

  • How far are the host hotels from each other?

    Host hotels are 3-5 minutes walk from each other.

  • Can I just buy "party passes" for each of the parties for the seeking if I already have my own accommodations

    This is a “Group Travel” Getaway therefore no PARTY PASSES are available for this trip until we give further notice. Please note: Our events are private and each person will have a wristband and a name tag in order to attend our events. We encourage you to purchase the trip package to guarantee admission into all L.I.V.E events. In the event we do offer Party Passes, this will be on a first come first serve basis with limited sales as our first priority continues to be our L.I.V.E patrons.

  • What if I can't go and have to cancel due to a family emergency, work requirement, or any issues after I have paid on my trip? Can I transfer/sell my trip and the money I have paid to a friend or another person?

    No. ALL trips are Non-Transferable. Once again–ALL trips are Non-Transferable. NO REFUNDS ARE GIVEN IF YOU CANCEL WITHIN 60 DAYS OF TRIP. Regardless of work conflict, death in the family, inability to obtain or renew your passport or any extenuating circumstance. The deposit is Non-Refundable. We highly recommend you get travel insurance.

  • Do all my roommates have to register at the same time?

    No, but just be sure to add your roommates name(s) in the roommates section on the sign up form so we know they who they are when the make payments.

  • What do I need to buy for the trip?

    You will need to bring the following items: A Positive and Party Attitude! Sexy Summer Outfits, An All White Outfit, Theme outfits, Sexy Swimsuit, Super Cool Sun Glasses, Your FUN Friends!

  • Can I bring my children on this trip?

    NO. This is an adult outing with all adult activities. Leave the kids with relatives and get out of town fast!

  • Do I need any extra money?

    Yes please bring money for excursions, shopping, and souvenirs etc….

  • Does everything happen at the hotel?

    No, not everything. The excursions will all happen off property.

  • What is the motto of the trip?

    What Happens on L.I.V.E. Didn’t Happen!

More Information

Hotel & Legal Names

When checking into the hotel, all guests will have to provide front desk agent with your passport and Customs Declaration Form. Please do not misplace this form.

When registering for your room on the event page, please provide your legal name as listed on your passport as well as roommates legal name. The name registered on the event page will be the name provided to the hotel so it is pertinent that they match.

After checking into the hotel, please keep Customs Declaration Form as you will need it again upon leaving the country.

Tours & Transportation

All customers, please provide your:

  • Legal government name as listed on your passport,
  • Name of Airline for Arrival,
  • Departure Flight, 
  • Flight Number for Arrival and Departure Flight
  • Phone Number in case of delay.

We recommend installing the Whatsapp app to save money when making phone calls while in Mexico.